Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Taking some time to organize

Happy Wednesday,

This week is my traditional week of 'vacation'.  It is the 1st week of summer vacation for my son.  We spend extra time at the pool, going to movies and playing video games.  Yes, I am a 13 year old boy at heart.  This year we also hope to do some science experiments.  I did promise my husband we would not blow up the house. :)

Also on the to do list this week is some much needed organizing and cleaning in my craft room.  I have long ago grown out of my current system for storing ribbon, floss, fibers, brads, eyelets and buttons.  I like to keep them sorted by color.  We are working to create a system that is able to hold more ribbon.  I have amassed quite a collection.  Imagine that. :)

So this week we are organizing.  Next week we will be back to stamp.  I will post more pictures on Friday.  Have a great week and thanks for stopping by.


  1. I always looked forward to summer vacation as I was off work and could spend time with my son. One advantage of working in a school.

    Have fun and enjoy the time! Make lots of memories and take lots of videos and pictures.

    Next week I get to start organizing and setting up my "playroom" I'm so excited. So far the M&M rack the corner store was going to throw out works great for my ribbon. If I get more ribbon then I may have to rethink my organizing. Have fun organizing yours.

    Have a wonderful week!

    1. Good luck getting your new 'playroom' set up. I am still a bit buried under ribbon...but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. :)