Friday, February 8, 2013

Projects #12 and 13

Happy Friday,

This week I am changing things up a bit.  So far I have been focusing on cards, and I have created one this week, but I also needed to work on other projects.  This week I am finishing up a 2013 desk calendar for my father.  Yes I am aware that is is already Feb.  But in my own defense, I will get the calendars to my parents earlier then I did last year. :)

Project #12: This week I used a number of stamp sets to create layer elements for my calendar pages.

Supplies: Stamps (Tim Holtz, 7 Gypsies, unknown), punches (circles and tags),  ticket die (Sizzix), ink, embossing powder, cardstock and pattern paper.

Below you can see one of the calendar pages and how I used the elements.  This is a great way to use stamps on your scrapbook pages.  I used a number of punches and dies to create the tags, clocks, tickets and circles.  This calendar design was part of a class I taught last fall, Gifts From the Heart.  Since we used it in a class I cannot show you the entire calendar.   This page is representative of all of the pages, they are simple and fast to create.  The whole calendar can be created in an afternoon.


Project #13: Thinking of You-I love these spiral stamps.....but they don't love me. LOL!  I found it very difficult to get a complete stamped image.  I opted to complete the card anyway and post it.  Sometimes things don't come out the way we had hoped.  I am choosing to make the blog about everything I create, the good, the bad and the ugly.  Still I love the stamps and will keep them.

Supplies: Stamps (Just Rite Stampers, unknown), die (Just Rite Stampers), cardstock, ink, trim and embellishments.

Recommended classes:
Both of these classes have early enrollment specials, the sale on Terrific Techniques ends on Monday.  These are amazing classes that can really help you improve your stamping techniques.  I can also tell you this is the LAST time we will be offering these classes.  Glenda has other responsibilities to tend to, so we will be completely revamping the classes with a new instructor this fall.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Love that "spirograph"-looking stamp! so retro!

    1. I love it too. I really wish it gave me a better image.

  2. Have you tried stamping with a foam pad underneath? I have a few stamps that the only way I can get a good stamped image is to put my mouse pad underneath what I'm stamping on. I am hoping that the Fiskar stamp plate will make a difference but haven't played with it yet.

    I do love the card and find myself using less than perfect stamped images. LOL! I'm trying to be less of a perfectionist. Especially after my roommate started pulling my discards out of the garbage can and giving them away.

    Thanks for sharing and it looks like you got a lot done even if you didn't have a lot of time.

    1. That is exactly what I tried. I think a different type of ink or a juicer ink pad may have worked better. I often use less then perfect images on vintage or gungy style cards. They work well for that.

  3. Love that you share the successes and failures.

    1. So often what we see on blogs is the very best of the best. I understand that. But I wanted this blog to show everything. We all make things that don't turn out the way we hoped, that is an important part of the process. I do not want to lose that. :)

      Glad you are enjoying both.