Thursday, February 7, 2013

Crazy for Acrylics-Free Seat Giveaway

Hey there it's me Pinky, 
Since I am hosting the Crazy For Acrylic class I thought
I would share a quick technique with you today and 
giveaway a seat to my class!

I hope you join my Crazy For Acrylic class, 
in my class I will be teaching you to emboss acrylic, the proper adhesive for acrylic, 
STAMPING on acrylic and so much more! Don't miss it!

For the technique I use today I used a Clear Scraps acrylic embellishment butterfly, 
Alcohol Ink- Watermelon, Liquid Pearls- Flamingo, Tulip Fine Glitter. 

  1.  Peel protective film off of the FRONT side only. 
  2. Drip alcohol ink onto uncovered side of acrylic.
  3. Dab using Ranger dabber or paper towel. 
  4. Remove back protective film. 
  5. Use Liquid Pearls to dot pearls along sides and middle. 
  6. Gently sprinkle on glitter. 
  7. Shake off excess and allow to dry. 
  8. Wipe gently using fabric softener sheet of swiffer duster. 

This photo is un-dusted, the alcohol ink will grab a little glitter if you 
want it to, but if you don't just dust gently after it dries! :) 



One lucky winner will receive a free seat to my online class Crazy for Acrylics which begins Thursday, Feb 14th

What do you need to do to win? Post a comment and tell us if you have used acrylic in your crafting projects.  Entries will be accepted until midnight on Monday, Feb 11th and a winner will be chosen on Feb 12th -- just in time for the class to start on Thursday.

If you have already enrolled in class? THANK you so much -- but guess can still play along. We will simply refund the tuition if the winner is already enrolled in the class.

Good Luck


  1. Cute butterfly. Yes, I have used acrylics in crafting projects. Mostly canvases, mixed media projects. Of course I did use them to paint my walls in my craft room in my old house with pretty flowers, palm trees, butterflies and dragonflies!

  2. I used used acrylics in mini albums and for cards!

  3. Too Cute!!! I have used acrylics in crafting projects, altered journals for mini scrapbooks, I love paints. I would love to win the SEAT! Thanks for the opportunity. Kim B

  4. PS I think you mean the acrylic plastics, I have not ever used that so this would definitely help me!

  5. Have to try this technique...I have done a mini acrylic album and have never, ever thought to alcohol ink it!

    Thanks for a chance for a free would be a wonderful experience!

  6. I did a Clear Scraps Acrylic album at the Denver Scrapbook Expo! Loved IT!! I is a fantastic crafting element.

  7. I have always been intrigued by Acrylics and even have an album but I haven't started because I don't really know any of the how to's! Would love to take this class - thanks for the tutorial and the chance to play : )

  8. Thanks for sharing how you gussied up that acrylic embellishment. I would love to win a free seat so thanks for the chance. It would be fun to learn how to go crazy with acrylic as I really haven't used it much in my projects.

  9. I love crafting with Acrylics and i am never too old to learn new things!!

  10. I have not used acrylics, but would love to learn how. I've bought acrylics with the intent to learn, so this would be the perfect opportunity for me. (My friends call me a collector instead of a scrapbooker. My husband calls me a hoarder.)

  11. I've used acrylic some, but am not a fan. Maybe your class would help me to know what to do. Roseann

  12. Love acrylics but feel a bit boxed in as to fun ways to use them - would LOVE to explore a class like yours and my husband would LOVE it if it didn't cost anything!!!

  13. I have not used acrylics before but would like to learn.

  14. I have acrylic pieces and even an album but been too scared to try anything in-case I wrecked them, so they just sit there waiting!!

  15. I have used some but not too much. I did an acrylic album once that turned out pretty nice for my first time.

  16. I have never worked with either alcohol inks or acrylics before (although I do have a little collection!). I just haven't the slightest idea of where to begin, however I will be attempting the butterfly! Thanks for the free class offer!

  17. I have not worked with acrylics in my projects before but would love to try! I love alcohol inks and have used them a lot! Thanks for the chance to win a spot!

  18. I always had an interest in Alcohol inks and their variety of applications that make stunning embellies!! I haven't take the plunge but would love to learn since I love to embellie just about everything!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win a seat!

  19. Neat! I don't have any experience with either acrylics or alcohol inks, so,this would be a great prize!

    Shine on!

  20. I made an acrylic tri-fold before. It turned out well, but acrylic can be tricky.

  21. I have not used Acrylics but it sure looks fun.

    1. Mary,

      You have won the free seat to Crazy for Acrylics. Please contact us at so we can get your registered before class begins.

      Jeri' Parks

  22. I have used small flower acrylic shapes, as embellishments on my cards. I just used acrylic paint on them. I also used an acrylic page from an album, to use as a photo display piece that I displayed on an easel.

  23. I have made an acrylic tri-fold at the Michigan Mega-Meet. It is beautiful, but the class moved a little to quickly for me to absorb some of the techniques...start to finish in less than 45 minutes while sharing tools and supplies between 4 people....I'd love a chance to go through it again when I'm the only student at my table so I have time to absorb the tecniques.

  24. I have used acrylic for pockets, played around with some acrylic and alcohol inks, sequins and glitter, even tried a little mod podge! Would love to win a free seat and learn more from you

  25. I have used acrylic for a few cards, but that is all.

  26. I haven't used acrylics but would like to try.

  27. I have never used acrylics before but would like to learn. I have seen some beautiful projects made using acrylics. Can't wait to learn the techniques. Thank you for a chance to win a free spot in your classroom.