Saturday, January 5, 2013

Time to fess up....a stamp count.

I really wanted to count my stamp sets for this challenge.  I really wanted to see how many stamps I actually had.  That might have been a bad idea. LOL!  After I was finished counting I was a bit overwhelmed.  The final count came to..........316 stamp sets.  Hmmmmm if each stamp set averages 10 stamps, well I will let you do the math.  Just don't tell my husband.  This count does not include wood mounted stamps or foam stamps.  No need to scare myself with that count too.   

In my own defense, I have been collecting stamps for quite some time.  I regularly go through my other supplies and donate what I will not use, but I rarely get rid of stamps.  As I looked at my collection I realize that some of these sets are going to really push my creativity.  Not sure how I will end of using some of them.  And I may end of giving some away.  I used some of my $1 Micheal's stamps to make some quick Christmas tags and the quality was awful.  I don't think I will be adding any more of those to my collection. :)  Sometimes you get what you pay for.

I also quickly came to the conclusion that I will probably NOT be able to use every set in 2013.  But I will be able to use most of them and I should have them completely organized by the end of the year.

So now it is your turn.  How many stamps do you own?  Many of the MCC instructors will be sharing their totals in the Use Every Stamp 2013 class.

See you in the classroom,


  1. Thanks this sounds great! After hearing your total I am a little braver than before but still afraid to count...may find more sets hidden away I forgot about ;)

    PS I won't tell your DH if you don't tell mine


  2. I don't have that many stamps. Even though I've been stamping for years but I took a long break and got rid of the majority of my stamps. My sister did give me a couple of bags of rubber stamps which I've never used and a friend at a garage sale bought me a bunch of rubber stamps. So I'll make it my goal to use those stamps in projects. As well as any stamps I might find hidden in boxes marked crafting supplies from several moves ago. I already use my clear stamps a lot.

    I won't tell your DH. LOL! A girl has to have at least one vice and stamps is a lot healthier than some of the others.

  3. Only 169 sets here! I thought that was a lot till I saw how many you have! I'm already signed up for the class. Can't wait to see what you've got planned for us! Happy New Year.

  4. New Rule: No husband allowed. Unless they are stampers too. :) And my husband has plenty of vices. Most are way more expensive them mine.

  5. I am excited about this challenge because I was just telling my sister that I feel guilty having the stamps I do and not using them. I am on a few design teams and most often I end up working with digi's. This is a great way to make myself put them to use or donate them, thanks. The organization is an added bonus. :)

  6. I am so looking forward to this class/challenge! It hits at a perfect time. I too have given myself a retail rest so I can fully explore what I HAVE. Thanks in advance for this class and blog.

  7. LOL, my lips are sealed, I'm not telling! I've been hoarding and collecting stamps for years! Well, in my defense, many are the itty bitty ones that were $1 or less! :)

  8. I am looking forward to this challenge, I really need to organize my "stash".

    I had boxes and boxes and boxes of wood mounted rubber stamps and no place to store them, so I took the rubber off of the wood and now have them stored on clear report covers in folders, kind of organized but I need to do some more work on that.

    I have quite a few sets of unmounted stamp sets that need to be organized - right now they are in a bankers box under my work table. I can't find anything and that is extremely frustrating.

    My mantra now is: NO MORE ART SUPPLIES! (we will see how long that lasts!) LOL

  9. I have about 180 stamp sets, but I also have a lot singles and haven't counted the wood mounted ones.
    I have all my stamps stamped in a file, with the details about it, price, etc by theme. So if I need a stamp on a certain theme, I can just go have a look in this file, much easier. And I don't have to count the physical stamps, I exactly know that I have 160 stamp sets, as I also have them stamped by set, and in the file only put down the number of the set, so I don't have to write down the info for each stamp from that particular set. I also own a lot osfsets from the DT's I'm on, Katzelkraft and Magenta!
    I think I own an afwul lot of stamps, I started selling some of it, the ones I don't use, and won't be using in the future (I think).

  10. Oh my...I know I don't have that many sets. If I had to hazzard a guess, I'm around the 40 set mark. . .though now I'm curious and heading to count them; I have 43 sets - that includes a couple "sets" that are just one stamp. The majority of them are acrylic. I had a big purge of them when I reorganized my studio last year. My goal with taking the class is more to simply USE them. I don't always think to grab them. So my goal is to use . . . and any at the end of the year still clean of ink stains will get given away.

    Thanks for the challenge.

  11. I have too many stamps that have never been used...and can't wait to be inspired to actually ink them up!!
    I probably have as many individual stamp sets

  12. I haven't actually counted my stamps - I might do that later (just for interest of course!) I have a couple of master files with all the images stamped and a labelled according to box number. This means that on a sheet of paper I'll stamp all the images from one set in one colour and indicate which box they are stored in. I have a copy of the master sheet in each box. I have some boxes for just one company, while other boxes have multiple companies. I think I've inked up every stamp at least once!

    I'd like to try and reorganise my stamps over the course of the year. Thanks for the challenge.