Monday, August 19, 2013


Happy Monday Stampers,

Sometimes you just have to take what life gives you.  And sometimes you need to know when to take a break.  My schedule over the next two weeks includes:

  • Putting the finishing touches on the fall schedule and getting classes open for enrollment.
  • Completing last minute back to school shopping.
  • Help my son prepare for his final black belt test.
  • Organize a party to celebrate earning his black belt.
  • Prepare for my parents to visit for said test and party.
I know if I try to be creative during the next two weeks I will be very unhappy with the results.  Sometimes you have to know when to tap out....or say UNCLE!

So today I say uncle.  I will be back the 1st week of September as we kick off the summer semester.

See you in the classroom,

1 comment:

  1. I don't blame you from taking a break from your stamping marathon. Sometimes goals need to be changed.

    Did you ever do the drawing for the "in & Out Acrylic Paint" class?