Saturday, July 13, 2013

Projects #52, 53 and 54!

Hey Stampers,

This week I worked with another lost and forgotten Club Stamp kit.  I was all set to post what a hard time I had working with pink.  It is one of my least favorite colors to work with....actually pastels in general are hard for me.  But, darn it, two of the cards I created are some of my most favorite cards EVER!  Of course, the 'Wisdom', card does not have any pink on it.  However, it has glitter....which I don't really care for either. (Don't ask why I have glitter embossing powder....I have no good answer.  Maybe it just jumped into my cart.)  But I LOVE this card. :)  The 'Dance' card is so pretty and way more girlie then I usually like.  But it came together beautifully.

The anniversary card is my least favorite.  It is a lift from an old card magazine, but it just did not come together quite like I wanted it too. It feels off balanced to me. Still I had a blast working with the kit.  Each card also used the other elements from the kit, including card stock, pattern paper, ribbon and embellishments.

Many of you know I had also committed to limiting my stamping purchases until I got my current stamps organized.  I am doing pretty well so far.  As I work with long forgotten stamps it has helped to curb my desire to shop.  So it can be done. :) Not to say that shopping is bad.  But I never again want to substitute shopping for creating.

Sadly, I still did not get to the thank you card....maybe next week.  I have the whole card done in my head, now I just need to find a few spare moments to make it come to life.

Project #52: Wisdom Quote Card

Supplies: Stamps (Lotus Pond/Club Scrap and American Crafts/Stitching), card stock, glitter embossing powder and ink.

Project #53: Dance Quote Card

Supplies: Stamps (Club Scrap/Lotus Pond), card stock, pattern paper, dies (Spellbinders), ink, clear embossing power, ribbon, trim and pearls.

Project #54: Happy Anniversary Card
To tone down the pink pattern paper I dry brushed white paint on it 1st. :)

Supplies: Stamps (Club Scrap/Lotus Pond), ink, cardstock, pattern paper, border punch, white paint, ribbon, bow, stick pin, tags, paper flowers, brads, washi tape and charm.

This week I also wanted to catch up on organizing and get my craft room cleaned up a bit.  I did manage to get my stamp organizing up to date....and I did clean off my work surface.  But  then I used it again. UGGGG!!!! It is a never ending process. :)

Be sure to let me know what you accomplished this week.  Add your pic below or post a comment.  I love to know what you are working on.

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  1. Gorgeous card Jeri. I like your statement about not substituting shopping for creating! So true and I have gotten better about organizing my stamps so it is easier to find something to create with.

    1. Thank you Donna! And I totally agree that it is so much easier to be creative when one is organized. :)

  2. I am not a pink girl but I love the dance card. The wisdom card is elegant with that touch of glitter.

    Something appears to be wrong with the submission of projects. Either that or it is me.

    I have not found my clear stamps yet but did make two projects using stamps and my neglected embossing folders. I quickly found my rubber stamps so have been using those stamps that have been neglected some of them for over a decade.

    1. Myoriah,

      The submission button seems to be missing. I will get it fixed today. Thanks for letting me know.


  3. Inlinkx is now fixed. You can now post your work. Thanks!

  4. Thank you Jeri.

    LOL! You will notice that both of my projects have pink in them. For the first card I was trying for a sunset color after just coming in from seeing a gorgeous sunset. I love how it turned out inking over the triple embossing. For the second project I had not planned to use pink but the "Shaved Ice" fragments ended up having a pink cast when I added them to the frame so went with it when I colored the flower.