Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Got Ribbon? Want More!

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Since we are talking about ribbon I thought I should add note about my upcoming class, All About Ribbon.  Not only does it give you more ideas for storing your ribbon, it also helps you USE your ribbon.  What a wonderful idea. :)  Best of all, it is on SALE right now.  But hurry, sale ends tomorrow, June 20th at 10:00 a.m. CST.

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Course Description
Got ribbon? We do! And we have boatloads of it. If you are looking for some ribbon inspiration, look no further as we explore borders, bows, flowers and faux ribbon. We'll even cover how to organize those unruly knots and how to use up that stash! Join 12 MCC Instructors for this fun class.
  • Week One:Join us as we get you started on this journey. Shirley Pando will provide a general overview of the types of ribbons and some other basics. Then Cara Miller and Jeri Parks will dive into the many uses for ribbons as borders. You'll be amazed at how versatile ribbons can be.
  • Week Two: Join Jennifer Priest, Donna Maligno, Deena Ziegler, Rachel Smith and Cristal Hobbs as they walk you through creating flowers out of ribbons and mastering the bow!
  • Week Three: Join Catherine Scanlon and Kim Parkinson as they guide you through a few different looks of faux ribbon. It might not help get rid of your stash but sometimes, you need to make your own perfect ribbon to complete your project.
  • Week Four: Join Karen Hunter, Jennifer Priest and Deena Ziegler in our final week. This week we'll talk about organizing your ribbons and how to use up that stash.
Student Feedback
"I love the multi-contributor class approach, gives a touch of everyones style. Awesome class video and instructions. I am waiting for the next class to enroll." - Lynnetta, MCC Student

"This class was a great for learning to be more creative with my ribbons! Opening my eyes for new ways to alter and incorporate them into my projects. Thanks to all the instructors for sharing their creativity." - Jan, MCC Student

Course Information
Class Begins: June 27th 
Course Length: 4 Weeks
Early Enrollment Special: $20 (Early Enrollment Price is $5 off regular price. Price will increase to $25 on June 20th CST.)

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