Tuesday, February 12, 2013

And the winner is......

We have a winner for the free seat to Crazy for Acrylics with Cristal Hobbs.  Mary Trautner please contact us at support.mcc@gmail.com.

You will love this funky technique driven acrylic mini album class.
If you have been afraid to work with acrylic or love the look of acrylic but are unsure how to approach it- this is the class for you! If you simply want to make an amazing acrylic mini album, then you will love this class. 

In this acrylic mini album class you will be learning all the tricks to working with acrylic while creating an amazing keepsake that will last a lifetime.

Class starts Thursday....sign up today!

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Hi Jeri, I Have A Problem. I am only just able to Start The Use Every Stamp Class but knew I would have to start late and Hope to Catch-Up as we go along.Co-incidentally, just before seeing this class I had Purchased a Stamp Organising System it is a 3 ring Binder Type with the Stamps going onto special surface Refills. I have no idea how many Stamps I actually Own by Number but I can tell you it's a LOT. I just can't believe how well this all fell into place fo me. However getting back to my Problem I am Wanting to watch the 2 Videos from Lesson 1 at Vimeo, but when I go to Vimeo it tells me that MCC have not Uploaded any Video Content. Sorry to drop this one on you but could you please look into this and then get back to me I would really Appreciate this. Many Thanks Jeri.
    Love Bev.....
    PS: Congratulations MARY on your WIN. This looks to be an Awesome Class.....

    1. Bev,

      Our videos can only be viewed on our site. All our videos are kept private as most students pay for our classes. To view the Use Every Stamp 2013 videos you need to be inside the Use Every Stamp 2013 classroom.

      I hope that helps.
      Jeri Parks