Monday, January 21, 2013

This week's stamps

Happy Morning,

This are the stamps I have picked to use this week-January 21st.

The two heart stamps are fairly new and I am using them on Valentine's projects....of course.  I love heart stamps and find them to be quite versatile.  The other set is from Club Scrap.  I have owned them for quite some time.  I actually adhered the printed images to the cd case, so I had to scan the case to get a picture.

This week I will be working on more cards.  Maybe next week I will sneak in some scrapbooking items.

I would love to hear what stamps you will be working with.


  1. Jeri - Loving all the card ideas!! But just wondering when you will start addressing the "organization" portion? Thanks!

  2. Monica,

    Thanks. The organization portion is covered in the classroom. You can enroll in the free class at You can find the link on the sidebar of this blog. Not only will you learn about my system, but also learn from my fellow MCC instructors and students. I am totally inspired by the students who have posted. :)


  3. Those are super pretty stamps.

  4. Jeri: Just wanted to let you know I found it!! Loving all the ideas - exactly what I was hoping for :) I spent the evening recycling old CD cases (I have a bunch of the new slim line cases so no CDs were hurt or displaced in the process) So excited that I will actually be able to find the stamp(s) I am looking for in the future rather than settling for one that was "kind of what I was looking for" because I am tired of "digging" for a stamp.

    1. That's wonderful Monica. I used many old cd cases too. :)